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What no one tells you in PT school

I glanced at my clock. Midnight. I knew I should be asleep – the alarm was going off in less than five hours. But I couldn’t get the image out of my head of the woman sitting on my treatment table today telling me her life was hopeless. Rachel (not… Read more »

How to become a stress addict in 4 easy steps.


Are you feeling too calm? Are things going well in your life? Have you been bothered by being too relaxed lately? Do you sometimes wish you could recapture that special feeling of panic you got in 11th grade when you realized it was 10 p.m. and you forgot you had… Read more »

What does a CrossFitter have in common with a little old lady? Everything!


At Intown PT, we treat a fair number of athletes of all ages and abilities from recreational soccer players, golfers to college track stars to tennis pros to NFL hopefuls to summer softball leaguers. But also ultimate frisbee champions, RKC kettlebell instructors, NPGL athletes, hoopers, cheerleaders, olympic lifters, boot campers… Read more »

Pain and the brain – Context is (almost) everything

Pain and the Brain

My older son turned eight three weeks ago. We have a family tradition of breakfast in bed on your birthday, so after a particularly fun 5:30 a.m. workout, I went to their dad’s house to participate in the early morning birthday festivities. After helping deliver his chosen breakfast of Lucky… Read more »

It really DOES start with food (a Whole 30 story)

whole 30

On his 61st birthday, guest blogger John Wallace, PT, colleague and friend, shared his personal Whole 30 story with us! Below is some compelling anecdotal evidence for the power of diet and exercise to transform your life.  January 18, 2014 was my 60th birthday. Birthdays have never been a problem… Read more »

My new Atlanta Intown Physical Therapy practice is open

intown therapy atlanta

On May 21, 2013, Intown PT opened its doors and started treating patients. My first patient through the door had been suffering foot pain for weeks.  After my initial consultation, I treated him for plantar fasciitis (an inflammatory problem on the connective tissue on the sole [bottom surface] of the… Read more »