60 simple ways to make deposits into your Wellness Bank Account

Stopping to smell the flowers is just one simple way you could invest in your well-being today

Stopping to smell the flowers is just one simple way you could invest in your well-being today

Here is a list of wellness simple actions that can increase your wellness savings based on my 6 categories of wellness. Which one can you easily fit into your day? Which ones can you personalize to fit your lifestyle? What do you have to add?


Physical Wellness for your Body

  1. Take the stairs.
  2. Take 3 deep belly breaths.
  3. Eat a healthy snack.
  4. Go to bed earlier than usual.
  5. Go for a walk.
  6. Jump up and down 5 times.
  7. Massage your feet.
  8. Drink a glass of water.
  9. Stand on one foot for 30 seconds
  10. Stretch for 30 seconds (if you make a face, stress less intensely)


Mental Wellness for your Mind

  1. Learn a word or phrase in another language.
  2. Read an article about something that interests you.
  3. Meditate for 3 minutes.
  4. Write a flash fiction piece. (e.g. For sale: baby shoes, never worn)
  5. Calculate by hand or in your head.
  6. Read an old paper you wrote from school.
  7. Pause the show and try to guess what will happen next.
  8. Imagine stories for people you pass on the street.
  9. Take a different route and see if you can do it without a map.
  10. Try to be aware of your thoughts for 2 straight minutes.


Emotional Wellness for your Heart

  1. Express gratitude.
  2. Allow yourself to feel what you feel.
  3. Journal.
  4. Dance.
  5. Sing.
  6. Forgive that driver who cut you off.
  7. Be kind to yourself inside your head.
  8. Accept both your successes and your failures.
  9. Experience art.
  10. Remember a moment that makes you smile.


Spiritual Wellness for your Soul

  1. Read a spiritual book or article.
  2. Spend 2 minutes thinking about the big questions of life.
  3. Draw a representation of your soul.
  4. Listen to a talk that aligns with your religious or spiritual values.
  5. Attend an event that broadens your perspective on life.
  6. Practice what you preach.
  7. Visit a place you consider sacred.
  8. Find a quote that inspires you and write it down.
  9. Create art.
  10. Choose a mantra to live by for the next hour.


Relational Wellness for your Community

  1. Hug or high five.
  2. Listen to a friend without judgment or advice.
  3. Call your mother.
  4. Validate the experience of a loved one.
  5. Encourage a friend.
  6. Say, “I love you.”
  7. Mail a card or letter.
  8. Laugh with someone.
  9. Be vulnerable in the presence of someone you trust.
  10. Support a friend’s business if it offers goods or services you need.


Societal Wellness for your World

  1. Smile at a stranger.
  2. Recycle that bottle.
  3. Read a news article.
  4. Vote.
  5. Volunteer.
  6. Plant.
  7. Pick up a piece of litter.
  8. Donate.
  9. Shop local.
  10. Support a cause you believe in.

One thought on “60 simple ways to make deposits into your Wellness Bank Account

  1. Patti Bovaird

    Jennifer’s very wise list of “60” is as the title indicates: SIMPLE! Great words of advice to live by. As her patient, I have found her ability to see through any situation (regarding my PT needs) indeed parallels the “List of 60”. What seemed like a complex problem has resulted in a variety of recommended exercises, and she has enabled an increase in my mobility and decrease in pain. The analogy of “Making a deposit” has been an amazingly effective strategy for me. She is the simply the BEST—- Thank you, Jennifer!


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